RBA Engineering Consultancy

Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineering services covers all aspects of the design, build and maintenance of industrial, commercial, educational, retail and housing infrastructure. It encompasses asset management, highways design, flood risk and environmental challenges, structural and ground surveys and site investigations.

Every project is considered on its individual merits, our team identify innovative solutions that minimise costs and disruption whilst maximising benefits in a safe and sustainable manner.

Our Civil Engineering Services include:

Highway Design

We specialise in the design of highways including access roads, bridges and car parks.

Our extensive knowledge and experience of standards facilitate the formation of new accesses, trunk roads and highway networks. This, coupled with well-developed working relationships with Local Authorities, Highways Authorities and National Government ensures we also have an excellent success rate in achieving Approvals to Departures from Standard for difficult or unconventional sites. Our expertise includes:

  • S278 and S38 Adopted Highway Design
  • Departures from Standard
  • Bridge Design
  • Footpath / Cycleway Design
  • Retaining Walls Design and Advice
  • Car Park Design
  • Road Safety Audits and Transport Assessments

Drainage Design and Analysis

Our team has a thorough understanding of the requirements of current Planning Legislations and Water Utility Companies operating in the UK and ensure that drainage designs are fully developed and approved at an early stage in the project. We constantly produce cost effective designs and have considerable experience and a strong reputation relating to the design of drainage solutions across a wide range of services, including:

  • Foul Drainage
  • Surface Water Drainage, including SUDS solutions such as soakaways, swales, attenuation basins and tanks for private, adopted and highway drainage systems
  • Land Drainage
  • Pumping Station Design

Flood Assessment

Our team prepares Flood Consequence / Flood Risk Assessments to support planning applications for numerous

clients at locations throughout the UK on a broad range of sites.

We can quickly identify the main flood risk issues for a proposed development and tailor our assessments accordingly to give maximum value to the client. Our regular contact with Natural Resources Wales and the Environment Agency provides us with a significant and contemporary knowledge of the flood risk challenges facing the development of sites. This provides us with a wealth of potential mitigation measures which can be implemented to achieve planning approval.

Environmental Improvements

Our team has considerable experience over a range of Environmental Improvement projects, including:

  • Sustainable Transport Interchanges
  • High Street Pedestrianisation Schemes
  • Multi-User Pathways
  • Town Centre Improvements
  • Visitor Centres

We recognise that each Environmental Improvement project presents its own unique challenges. We always ensure that proposals are both practical and achievable, and actively engage stakeholders to achieve the best outcome.

Land Reclamation

RBA successfully manages the remediation of land to turn brownfield sites into valuable land which is suitable for development. Our Land Reclamation projects have facilitated the construction of:

  • Housing
  • Commercial Developments
  • Roads
  • Car Parks

Our Land Reclamation services includes:

  • Contamination investigations
  • Producing proposals for remediation works
  • Obtaining Approvals from regulatory bodies to undertake the works, eg Planning Authorities, Natural Resources Wales, Environment Agency.
  • Preparing ‘Materials Management Plans’
  • Supervising works to ensure they comply with the specification and regulatory approvals

Site Investigations

Our team organise and manage geotechnical and environmental site-specific investigations, which are carried out using a wide range of specialist techniques to design out risk to the project.  RBA provide cost effective yet robust foundation designs and address environmental management issues which achieve regulatory approval, to allow projects to be constructed. The services provided include:

  • Site surveys, investigations and studies
  • Approval from regulatory bodies, such as Planning Authorities, Natural Resources Wales or the Environment Agency
  • Preparing designs / specifications / calculations