RBA Engineering Consultancy

Structural Engineering

We have extensive knowledge of all current codes of practice and standards which allow us to provide optimum solutions to complex engineering problems. Our services include:

Structural Engineering

We provide innovative structural engineering design services on a large variety of structures across many sectors.

Our experienced engineers have extensive knowledge of current codes of practice and standards which allow us to provide optimum solutions to complex design and maintenance engineering problems.

We carry out fatigue analysis of structures, design and analysis of; steel frames, concrete frames, timber frames, masonry, foundations, retaining walls and anchor fixings. We complete substantiation and assessment of existing structures, including bridges, providing safe working load recommendations and when asked to do so, designing structural modifications.

Structural Surveys and Assessments

We have an expert team who undertake structural surveys and assessments of private and public sector buildings to identify sources of building distress and recommend or design effective solutions to a wide variety of defects.

We provide detailed reports identifying defects with photographic records and can prioritise defects to provide clients with risk-assessed actions.

RBA can complete surveys and assessments of all types of buildings including, large industrial premises, manufacturing facilities, retail, public and residential buildings.

Fatigue Analysis

Risk management and mitigation is a critical safety matter. We have an experienced team of fatigue analysis experts of large steel structures subject to regular cyclic loading.

Analyses are completed using current codes of practice and 3D structural software to establish areas that may be prone to failure under fatigue loads.  Our experts establish typical loading and then members and connections are analysed to quantify stress ranges and establish predicted life remaining of each.

Typical issues found are loose bolts due to load reversal, and fractures in members/connections propagating from bolt holes.

Based on analysis and experience, our experts recommend sustainable solutions that minimise the impact to the client and extend the design life of the structure.

Temporary Works

We design temporary works for a wide variety of projects. Examples of temporary works we design include:

Support for Excavations
Substructure Support
Haul Roads
Temporary Accommodation